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Toshi & Nolan, May 2019


Jess was a true Godsend during the planning and execution of our May 19th wedding ceremony and reception.  As a dual military couple living out of state, she was instrumental in assisting us from start to finish for our Maryland destination wedding.  With a short 6 month engagement window, Jess amazingly and independently took control of all the wedding preparations which included creating/sending save the dates and invitations, managing the guest list, creating the wedding website, researching local vendors that met our budget (DJ, photographer, hair/makeup stylist, florist, arranging transportation) and so much more! I did not have to worry about a SINGLE thing from day 1! We were absolutely blown away by her creative skill-set and were in awe watching how smoothly the pieces came together, resulting in such a beautiful product.  Jess made sure I was never overwhelmed and helped me by clearly communicating tasks which needed to be done while giving us reasonable due dates to complete them, something I really appreciated!

During the week leading up to the wedding, Jess made herself 100% available for any and all miscellaneous errands, allowing us to have focused time with family and friends!  She oversaw all of the scheduled events such as the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and “meet and greet” with our guests, all flawless events! She even helped my mother organize a beautiful, intimate bridal shower for that Friday morning, an unforgettable event I’ll always hold close to my heart.

On our wedding day, it was everything we envisioned and even with the anticipated “day of” stressors, Jess quickly solved every issue that popped up. Perhaps the one thing I’ll be forever grateful for was how Jess had the ability to keep me calm when last minute decisions had to be made due to inclement weather that rolled in on what was supposed to be our “outdoor dream wedding.”  Again, she was a Godsend.  The wedding itself was ahhhmazing; the decorations (some which she incredibly created by hand) were stunning and reflected the rustic look we desired, she kept us on schedule without being pushy, and above all, she made sure the day started and remained about us and us only.

Post wedding, Jess got ALL of our gifts together and dropped them off in our hotel room while we were at our “post-wedding party” at a local bar, allowing us, our wedding party, and guests  to  continue our enjoyment of the night’s festivities!  Miscellaneous tasks you don’t even think about but are so grateful for!  Jess even collaborated with our photographer beforehand, arranging for him to send us a few samples of our wedding photos so she could get started on our “Thank You” cards.  By the time we returned from the honeymoon, the “Thank You” cards were ordered and on their way to us!!  Again, a Godsend!!!  

Perhaps one of the things I find most awesome about Jess is that she REALLY gets to know you during the wedding planning.  Her engaging personality allows her to invest deeply in you and your soon to be spouse.  She knew me so well that she contacted me a couple months after the wedding and asked to help create my wedding album, a task she knew I probably hadn’t gotten to due to my lack of creativity and my crazy work schedule.  Other than me picking out my “must have” photos, Jess (again) took complete control of the project and had the album created and shipped to me in less than a week!!  The album is SO beautiful; I took it to work and received so much praise from my boss and co-workers!! 

In closing, Jess helped cater to us and our families’ needs from the very beginning and as a result became a part of our family. She shares your joy with you as you prepare for your special day and has such a gracious, warm, lovable, trusting spirit and heart.  I truly don’t think I’ll ever find a person like her again.  We are SO grateful for her involvement in the planning of the most important and cherished day of our lives; she will forever be the first person I go to for any future events we plan (She said she’s not opposed to traveling, so I am going to hold her to that!).  I can honestly say we found not only a wonderful event planner but a true friend in Jess.  I recommend Jess for any event with ZERO reservations.  We absolutely love her!

Cathy, Mother-of-the-Bride, May 2019

As the mother of the bride, I was totally blown away by my daughter’s wedding coordinator, Jess!  I was incredibly impressed by her exemplary planning, coordination, attention-to-detail, creative ideas, and calm demeanor.  She made my daughter's wedding an event I will always remember and deeply cherish!  The wedding and reception were truly beautiful!!!

While Jess coordinated every facet of the wedding and reception, she  also helped me to plan a beautiful “Wisdom Tea” for my daughter.  Jess took my vision and made it into  a very warm, special and intimate occasion, which neither my daughter nor I will ever forget.  We were both in complete awe, amazed, and overwhelmingly pleased...especially my daughter.  As her mother, it gave me such joy and pride to host this  special and memorable “tea” for my very first daughter getting married.  Because my husband and I live in Hawaii, Jess also helped us to procure beautiful orchid and ginger leis for the rehearsal dinner.  She had them shipped overnight from the islands, so that we could celebrate our daughter and welcome her new in-laws to our family in a traditional Hawaiian manner.  The leis were perfectly fresh and beautiful and were a HUGE hit at the rehearsal dinner!!!

During the entire wedding/reception/bridal tea planning process, Jess was very professional, but working with her felt so much like “family.”  She was extremely friendly, very responsive to emails, phone calls, and text messages, and always available to answer questions, give advice, or attend meetings!  She took all the stress off of me and my daughter.  She constantly strove for perfection and exceeded all of our expectations.  I have two younger daughters, and without ANY  hesitation, would  request Jess’s services again to assist in planning their weddings.  Simply stated, Jess is a TOP-NOTCH professional!!!  Highly recommend!!!

Stacey, Mother-of-the-Bat Mitzvah Girls  November 2015 and June 2017

When I walked into my daughter’s Harry Potter-themed Bat Mitzvah party, I literally cried at the room’s amazingly magical transformation from four plain walls to Hogwarts castle!  And, lightning struck again with my other daughter’s gorgeous club-themed party 18 months later—totally different but just as spectacular.  Jess is a true treasure: able to take a vague idea of a party theme and meticulously turn it into reality that absolutely surpasses every expectation, all while keeping the party throwers calm.  Her vision, ingenuity, and imagination know no bounds.  We can’t wait to work with her again!  (Her hard-working staff is pretty awesome, too!)

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